Fix your relationship problems Yourself!

(with a little help from an expert)

Don’t want to pay big bucks for a therapist but would love the advice of an expert?  Need a solution to a particular problem but don’t want to read an entire book to find it? Get affordable therapy guidance Right Now from a professional on your own time and in the privacy of your home.

How it works

1. Find your problem.

You may think your problem is unique but you’d be surprised how many couples struggle with the same issues.

Scroll away below!  We have 33 problems to choose from.

2. Click on the picture.

To explore the problem a bit more.

3. Download your FREE Articles on advice, direction, and solutions from an expert.

No need to make an appointment with a therapist or read a book.

4. Fix the problem yourself.

5. If you need more input or guidance, contact Susan for a private session (click on About the Therapist for more info.)

Fix your relationship problems Yourself!

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